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12 Secrets of Mobile Retention

Are you struggling to keep mobile users engaged with your content, product, or service?

Amid all the activity that goes on with our phones and the many apps to choose from, how do you get the attention of users and keep it over time?

Almost everyone is on mobile. In fact, according to CIO Dive, nearly 70% of all web traffic happens on a mobile device. Surprisingly, according to the Consumer Technology Association, more people around the world own a mobile device than they do a toothbrush.

If almost everyone in the world is on mobile, you must have a strategy for not only reaching them with your message but also keeping their attention consistently over time.

In this video, we will discuss 12 secrets of mobile retention that can be used to help your business increase mobile engagement. Several mobile marketing experts find one of the biggest challenges for apps is app retention. To properly measure app retention rates, you must be better able to effectively measure how apps are valued by end users and why they may not return as users if the experience is not right.


Today, the goal is much more than just an app download. It is all about retaining users, building brand loyalty, and keeping customers engaged so that they come back regularly and tell others. App engagement and user retention are parallel to user acquisition. Converting a user to a one-time customer is simple. Converting a user to a long-time customer helps your business generate more revenue over time and boost brand awareness. The above 12 points can be beneficial to you as you seek to significantly improve mobile user engagement and retention and ensure your application is ready to be competitive in the mobile world.


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