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In less than 5 minutes, you can have an Automated Video Content Marketing system that drives a steady flow of customers to your site or store.

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More Sources than any other Service

70% of web Videos are not on YouTube

• Get the Best Selection of Videos







Automate your Video Content Marketing

76.5% of marketers see results with video content marketing


• Cheap and Easy way to find and share more video
• Post the latest video content your curate to your Ecommerce Site or Website

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Find Video Content

70% of marketers use video in their content marketing

-Demand Metric

• Get relevant videos from all over the web
• Share videos from distinctive sources your competitors are missing

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Streamline your Workflow

75% of marketers spend 2+ hours per day finding and posting content


• Automate video curation and posting
• Save time. Get Results.

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Engage Your Community

82% of Twitter Users Watch Video on Twitter


Video is 10x to 12x more engaging than Text

-Simply Measured

• Attract your Target Audience with curated video
• Become the go-to source for the video your audience wants

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Explore our Example Vlog

Automated Video Blog (Vlog) powered by MondoPlayer

  • Imagine … you can set up a Vlog on your Shopify, Squarespace, WordPress or any other Ecommerce site using MondoPlayer.
  • Automatically curate videos using Search Terms you specify. Attract your target market.
  • Boost sales. Put your Offers and Calls to Action on the video posts you automatically curate.

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"I LOVE MondoPlayer & have never experienced the personal, hands on assistance this staff provided. Awesome product made & run by amazing people." Lynn
"Working with MondoPlayer was, and continues to be, an outstanding experience. Your customer service is exceptional, and the creative engineering used for our specialized video blog is second to none." Laurie
"Thank you MondoPlayer for helping me curate quality video content for my website. Customer support is stellar and the product itself far surpasses any competing service. The MondoPlayer dashboard is convenient, user-friendly and often includes 'version upgrades' to better enhance user experience." Mary

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Automated Video Blog

  • 5 Minute Setup
  • Automatically find and post new videos
  • Optimized for Video SEO
  • Attract your ideal Customer to your Ecommerce Site
  • Promote your offers

  • Video Content Marketing Mastermind

  • Learn Video Content Marketing Strategies
  • Tips for Video Content Marketing on Social Media
  • Get the Most from Video you Create and Curate

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