Australian astrologist reveals the perfect career for each zodiac sign #Business [Video]

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Librans should pursue modelling while Leos are born to be CEOs: Astrologist reveals the perfect career for each zodiac sign

  • FEMAIL resident astrologer Kelli Fox revealed the career paths we should follow
  • Aries thrive in athletics and stressful roles while Gemini make ideal journalists
  • Leo are natural CEO’s and influencers whereas Virgo excel in the care …

FEMAIL's resident Australian astrologer Kelli Fox (pictured) compiled a detailed list of character traits and talents for each star sign to help determine the perfect industry for you

Competitive job like athletics or sales keeps things interesting for the Ram sign; internationally famous Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova is an Aries

Taurus is a lover of the finer things in life, so anything dealing with fine fashion, jewelry or personal beauty is a natural choice; now matriarch of her brother Gianni's fashion house, Donatella Versace is a typical Taurus with a keen eye for style and design

Gemini loves to be in the know, getting and sharing information in fields such as journalism or political science; former US president John F. Kennedy was a Gemini who used his networking ability to rise to the head of government

Cancer treats co-workers and customers like family, and therapy, cooking, baking, hospitality and catering are great because they involve caring for people; the late American celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain was a Cancer who starred in documentaries focusing on the exploration of international culture, cuisine and the human condition

Billionaire business mogul, cosmetics CEO and queen of social influencing Kylie Jenner is the living definition of the confident and career focused Leo

Fashion design, buying, interior decoration, modeling and all kinds of visual arts are great career choices for Libra; model of the moment Bella Hadid embodies the fashion forward essence of this air sign

Australian TV presenter and journalist Carrie Bickmore is a textbook Sagittarius who shines in the freedom of her creative role

Capricorn's competence and ability to work long and hard for something makes them excellent entrepreneurs; Billionaire CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos is the perfect representation of this corporate creative

Whatever it is, Aquarius wants to be focused on the new, cutting edge and experimental - they may do this through comedy or debate, as US comedian Chris Rock did