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Steam demo linkDirect download link Between the Stars is a space action video game with traces of RPG, management and roguelike elements. In it, we’ll live our adventure advancing in the universe and upgrading our ship, Captain and crew in order to be able to withstand the space war that...

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Steam demo link
Direct download link

Between the Stars is a space action video game with traces of RPG, management and roguelike elements. In it, we’ll live our adventure advancing in the universe and upgrading our ship, Captain and crew in order to be able to withstand the space war that is currently being fought.

  • Random Adventures:
    Between the Stars seeks to be a different experience each time you play. For that, we’ve worked on a procedurally generated system which allows randomness in sectors, crew, events, rewards and many other things. 
  • Management and customization: We want the game to adapt to your style of play. We’ve made sure that you have all the options you can to customize your ship and crew to circumvent all the dangers that you will find along your adventures. 

  • Take decisions:
    Between the Stars is an open story and as any good story, it has a great protagonist. That’s you! There’s nothing better than to see your decision affect the events and that everything is built around your successes and experience that you’ve lived on each playthrough!

  • Real time 3d combat:
    The universe is full of dangers and captains that want your head. Face them head on in frantic real time combat using your best weapons and skills. 

The game transpires throughout different sectors which we can advance through. Each one will pose its own challenges, events, enemies NPCs and space stations where we’ll be able to undertake all the tasks that we deem necessary. The star map system will allow us to jump quickly through sectors that we unlock as the game progresses. It will allow us to go to new sectors as well as go back to already explored ones. All the sectors function with a procedurally generated system, which will generate a new map based on existing probabilities.

Procedural sectors example
Procedural sectors example
Warp jump
Warp jump

One of the fundamental parts of the game is your ship’s customization. During your adventure you’ll unlock numerous models with different skins that are customizable for each. Of course, the aesthetic is only a small part of the possibilities. You’ll be able to change the ship’s weapons and tailor them to any situation, allowing you to escape the most dangerous encounters unscathed.

Nartos' ship
Nartos’ ship

Space stations are a meeting point for captains from all sides of the universe. In them you will be able to sell unused gear, buy weapons and blueprints, collect missions, hire crew and even stash your loot for future runs. These are all generated in a modular manner categorized by different factions so you can’t run into any two alike.

All stations are procedurally generated
All stations are procedurally generated

One of the most satisfying things about flying through space is stopping to enjoy the scenery. With that in mind we have implemented an advance photography system which enables you to capture, adjust, modify and store your favorite moments of your games, both as a memento for yourself or as something to share with other ships’ captains.

Taking a picture
Taking a picture

Your avatar and direct representation of yourself in the game. Captains are selected from among a list of three randomly generated captains each match. A captain’s traits are special characteristics that will get better when they level up, while attributes are special characteristics that captains receive depending on how you handle different events. Your Captain will evolve as you play and adapt to your style of conflict resolution.

Captain panel
Captain panel

The ship’s crew are an important aspect of the game. At any moment you can hire new crew or fire previous members. Crew members are divided into three roles that are once again separated into three traits that offer benefits to your ship and higher chances of success in events related to those abilities.

Specialists traits: Projectiles, Energy Weapons and Salvaging
Specialists traits: Projectiles, Energy Weapons and Salvaging
Engineer traits: Crafting, Systems Upgrade and Scrapping
Engineer traits: Crafting, Systems Upgrade and Scrapping
Scientists traits: Medicine, Investigation and Shields
Scientists traits: Medicine, Investigation and Shields

Between the Stars has numerous missions you can undertake, some offered by NPCs, others completely random and others caused by your own actions. Besides combat related missions, investigation or any other task your crew can undertake there are a series of events that charge you with different choices to make, many of them with a chance of failure or success depending on your captain’s capabilities and your crew members’ stats.

During events you will have to take numerous decisions.
During events you will have to take numerous decisions.
 There are numerous tasks your crew members can undertake:

  • Creation:
    Allows an engineer to create weapons and other weapons based on blueprints for their creation if you have enough of the needed materials and your engineers have enough skill.

  • Disassembly:
     Engineers can destroy weapons in order to obtain materials and it also adds a probability that the object will give blueprints for future creations or upgrades.

  • Medicine:
    Allows your scientists to heal your crewmembers when they are hurt or sick.

  • Investigation:
    Allows your scientists to investigate unknown objects in order to obtain blueprints, information and other rewards.
Crafting a weapon
Crafting a weapon

Between the Stars is a ruthless world, and the event and crew system of your ship reflects that as much as possible. The fights and decisions you make reflect on your team, which could have serious negative side effects, or even the death of a crew member. The permadeath system supposes a basic premise. One life, one adventure. As such it’s the player’s decision if their Captain will be the one to finally end the war or be one of many casualties.

One of the clearest points of our development was to have a fast and frenetic combat system without leaving behind the management aspect of the ship:

  • Shields: Every ship possesses shields in four sides; left, right, front and back. These shields will absorb received damage until they hit 0, at which point the damage goes directly to the hull, which will lower your general health. Avoid prolonged damage on the same side of your ship whilst focusing fire on your enemy’s weak points to better finish them off.
  • Weapons and Skills: Weapons will provide special skills for the entire ship when equipped. These are upgradable, scrapable and crafteable. Manage your inventory well and use the correct weapon for every moment and you will be successful in your battles.
  • Weak Points: The scan system on your ship allows you to estimate an enemy’s power, and to help you discover the more fragile areas which you should focus on.
Customize your ship to your liking
Customize your ship to your liking

Once you’ve destroyed an enemy ship you can salvage it in order to receive a random salvage pod. Make sure to recover them and open them to unlock valuable materials and powerful weapons that will help you make peace in the universe.

You'll get salvage pods for destroying enemies and undertaking events.
You’ll get salvage pods for destroying enemies and undertaking events.

The demo of Between the Stars is the prologue to the story we will live with our captains in the final game. In it, we will live the adventures of Captain Scott and crew during the events that led to the stellar war which transpires during our main adventure.

We’ve tried our hardest to bring you a demo that really gives you a proper taste of the final game. But as you can imagine there are a great number of new things that we’d like to implement and many small differences when faced with the final product:

  • Difficulty: One of the largest differences between the DEMO and the final version of “Between the Stars” is the difficulty. The prologue serves not only as an introduction to the story of the game, but as a first look at the controls, combat, etc.… We are working on offering you a tough challenge, but one that isn’t unfair. Therefore, the difficulty has been reduced in order to ensure player commodity and avoid frustration for less familiar players to the genre. We’ll make sure that in the final run of the game things will get very challenging.
  • Weapons, skills and other objects: An important part of the game is the management and collection of weapon and objects that you can upgrade, create, investigate and scrap. Currently we are working on making a list of items long enough to provide enough variety for a many hours of gameplay. The number of weapons, objects, and skills present in the prologue are significantly smaller than that which you could find in the final version of the game.
  • Decisions: We want your decisions to matter and be visible in your game. In the prologue we’ve tried to make the game as open as possible, but because we are telling a closed narrative tale in this small preview, your decisions do not change the course of the final story.
  • Randomized events: We’re very sure we want that the playthroughs in “Between the Stars” to be very different between them. This makes having a controlled narrative quite difficult. Being a prologue, the part that puts things into context in the final game required that for this early taste of the game, we choose instead a linear progression, allowing us to tell this story in a more fluid fashion.
Some of the weapons you could find in the demo.
Some of the weapons you could find in the demo.

“Writing the score for Between The Stars is a fantastic opportunity for me, and I’m delighted to be part of the team on this game.

I’ve always been mesmerised by outer space, the unimaginable vastness. Looking up out in the yard and trying to get my head around just what could be out there, whilst hypnotised by the staggering beauty, at least some of which needs to be conveyed in the game through the music.

But amidst the hollow beauty in this game there’s also a war going on, a seminal struggle of ideologies that means that the music has to combine ethereal wonder with hard edged sounds of conflict; combining the serenity of space with the intensity of battle.

Trying to bring even some of that sense of existential struggle set against the backdrop of the heavens to the game’s score is therefore my challenge, and one I’ve relished.”

         – David Burrows, Composer

We want to reward your support with two wallpapers specific to campaign backers, these will come in different resolutions that will adjust perfectly to your needs.

Our game wouldn’t exist without people like you, and we’re proud to say so. Show up in the credits of Between the Stars as one of our backers.

The Between the Stars community is being forged in Discord. Access the group with the game and your corresponding rank. In it we speak with followers of the game, who give us suggestions, and we talk about possible things to incorporate in the game… It’s the direct form of communication with our game’s community, and if you’d like to be a part we’d love to hear your opinions.

Of course, this is the main campaign reward. A digital copy of “Between the Stars” on Steam.

There will be numerous skins that we will apply to our captain’s ships. All of them will be unlockable in game except the skins exclusive to Kickstarter backers.

We are especially proud of the music that gives life to the game. We would love for you to enjoy it wherever you want. This reward is a copy of all of the music that comprises the soundtrack of Between the Stars.

Made with love for the biggest fans. Enjoy a collection of the best images in the game from the development team, and a lot of information on characters, sectors, events and how Between the Stars has becomes what it is.

Digital Art Book
Digital Art Book

 Obtain access to Between the Stars a month before it’s on sale.

Names and Last names of captains and crew members are randomly generated between all members on a list. Be a part of that list and pass on to be a famous Interstellar Republic Captain or even the heroic crew member who helps saved the universe with his comrades.

You can be the captain!
You can be the captain!

Find out about the latest news in the universe before anyone else. Give your opinion and suggest things and you will be listened to. This chat will be completely limited to members of the team of Between the Stars and the backers that access this reward!

Immediate access as soon as the Kickstarter ends to the alpha version of the game so you can see how we construct the Universe of Between the Stars.

Sit down with the team and help us create one of the pillars that makes up the final adventure. We will contact you and ensure we make a tailored event to your liking that marries well with the Between the Stars universe.

A step up from the previous reward. Not only will you make an event that is tailored to you, but we’ll also create an NPC according to your indications so that all players can find him and discover his past!

We love to see people who trust us and appreciate our work. We’ll be happy to offer you a copy of absolutely all of our future titles so you can enjoy them and give us your opinion.

Not enough weapons and abilities at your disposal? Tell us exactly what you want and we’ll make it possible. Enjoy being the creator of a weapon that will reap hundreds of lives during your adventures.

One of the most appealing rewards of the campaign. Sit down with our artist and transmit exactly what you want to see. We’ll work hard for you to be able to pilot the ship that you want all across the universe.

Meet with us monthly to discuss the latest news about the development of Between the Stars.

The maximum level of personalization. We will dedicate all our resources and time to make sure you have an awesome battle against a boss tailored to your likings that the rest of the players can fight against as well! You’ll see your creation end the lives of hundreds of captains that try to take him on!

The beginning of the Project Between the Stars was a humble and single person one. Little by little it has progressed into what it is now. As it advanced, the amount of personnel on board grew and the project’s scope became more and more ambitious. We are especially happy with the results that we’ve obtained, and we don’t want to stop here, we want to offer a lot more.

Development on a product of these characteristics supposes a high risk that we can’t completely assume. When the time came, we believed it was best to show the Project to the public and have a more direct approach that let them join forces with us on the product. For that reason, we’ve created this Kickstarter campaign, looking for community input and to mitigate the economic stress that this project will suppose.

The costs associated with a production of this size are elevated, and insurmountable for us; paying professional work, licenses, bills, taxes… And much more when we are talking about a product that won’t give any economic benefit until finalized, or near it.

Receiving your support will be the way in which we’ll be able to offer the standard of quality we wish to, and maybe even more.

 Isolated games is a small studio situated in Barcelona, Spain, that was born the same time that its creator, Francesc Romero, began work on Between the Stars. Little by little the project has required more and more people to occupy different disciplines; art, script, music and marketing, and it’s become much more ambitious. We hope to offer many hours of fun and quality work to the benefit of our player base as a result.