Ford unveils plans to revitalize abandoned Michigan Central Station [Video]

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Company bought building to make it centerpiece of its new high-tech campusBill Ford Jr., the great-grandson of the carmaker"s founder, said it was a "symbol"Ford hopes to open it in three to four years and employ thousands of peopleBy Iain Burns For Mailonline and Afp Published: 07:47 EDT,...

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  • Company bought building to make it centerpiece of its new high-tech campus
  • Bill Ford Jr., the great-grandson of the carmaker’s founder, said it was a ‘symbol’
  • Ford hopes to open it in three to four years and employ thousands of people

Iain Burns For Mailonline


Ford has unveiled plans to renovate Michigan Central Station in Detroit, which has stood abandoned …

The company - one of America's 'Big Three' automakers - bought the building, a Beaux Arts gem opened in 1913, to make it the centerpiece of a new urban high-tech campus. Pictured: A crowd gathers outside the historic, 105-year old Michigan Central train station awaiting the start of the Ford event in Detroit, Michigan, USA, 19 June

At an event, the Ford Motor Company unveiled its lofty plans: a space of 1.2 million square feet (111,500 square meters) spanning several city blocks, where the company's employees, and those of partner firms and startups, will work on innovations such as autonomous driving and electrification

Plans from a video released by Ford showing their idea of the future of Michigan Central Station

Ford hopes to open the redeveloped train station in three to four years and make it a 'magnet for high-tech talent,' according to a company statement. Pictured: What it could look like

A drawing from a postcard showing Michigan Central Station just after it was completed in 1913

'Even now, in its decayed state, walking around, the grandeur is unmistakable,' Ford said of the area he plans to make public

The dilapidated conditions of Michigan Central Station are shown here, at present day. with walls defaced and deteriorated

In this artist rendering released by Ford Motor Company on Thursday, the main hall of the Michigan Central Station is shown

This undated photo shows travelers waiting in line at gates to the tracks inside of Michigan Central Station in Corktown

A uniformed employee is pictured in this undated photo taking tickets from passengers entering the gate for Track No. 3 at the Michigan Central Railroad Station

Michigan Central Station is seen here in its prime in 1915, less than two years after it first opened around Christmas in 1913

Interior view of the Michigan Central train depot, Tuesday, June 19, 2018, in Detroit as Ford announces its renovation plans

The federal government withdrew a $3.25 million grant in 1987 because insufficient renovation progress was being made, and the station shut down the following year. Pictured: The interior photographed yesterday

Detroit architectural historian W. Hawkins Ferry wrote that in its heyday, the train station 'symbolized the gateway to the city of Detroit and reminded people of the Roman Baths of Caracalla.' Pictured: The station today

The station, which looms over Detroit's Corktown neighborhood, has stood empty since the last train left in 1988

The venerable American brand is facing the same challenge as other carmakers, which is basically an image problem, said Michigan State University marketing and communications professor Robert Kolt. Pictured: The interior today

Bill Ford Jr. (pictured), the great-grandson of the American carmaker's founder, stood in front of thousands Tuesday in Detroit