Healthy, Sustainable, Delicious Sea Jerky by Nick Mendoza — Kickstarter #Marketing [Video]

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We spent hundreds of hours working in our home kitchen, with chefs and then food scientists to perfect our shockingly delicious recipe that some people can’t believe is really fish!”

OneForNeptune’s sea jerky is endorsed by doctors, athletes,  moms, kids, and sustainable seafood scientists!

Get a low-calorie snack that tastes great and can help boost your heart health, immune system, brain function, and cognitive performance. Paleo and Keto friendly, non-GMO, gluten free and made with all-natural, preservative-free ingredients.

Not only does it taste AMAZING, OneForNeptune’s Sea Jerky is GOOD FOR YOU too!

With OFN Pacific rockfish jerky, you’ll get more protein per pound than salmon, beef, or chicken. Pacific rockfish has 30-100x more Omega-3s than beef and even double the Omega-3s of Atlantic Cod!

OneForNeptune’s Sea Jerky is also rich in Selenium, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E, making it great for boosting your heart health, strengthening your immune system, supporting stronger bones, healthier skin, and improving brain function and cognitive performance.

Photo Courtesy of Connor Gallagher Productions
Photo Courtesy of Connor Gallagher Productions

The Rockfish is a little known rockstar of the US West Coast. The name ‘Pacific rockfish’ describes a family of abundant, sustainably-managed species common from Southern California to the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. We use this amazing wild-caught fish to make our delicious jerky.

Despite the fact that they are an absurdly rich source of high-quality, sustainable protein, rockfish are currently an undervalued and underutilized fish. After being depleted through poor management and overfishing in the 1980’s and 1990’s, populations have rebounded, fishermen are catching rockfish, but consumer interest hasn’t bounced back for this noble fish. In fact, only 24% of the scientifically-based West Coast quota for Pacific rockfish is caught.

Our Pacific rockfish is packed with protein and Omega-3 healthy fats, while surprisingly low in calories per gram. In fact, it has roughly ¼ the calories per gram compared to ground beef! It also has zero saturated fat and 2x the Omega-3 content of Atlantic cod!

Not only that, but Pacific rockfish is also a good source of Selenium, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E – making it an amazing and delicious superfood for any occasion.  

Rockfish has almost 12x more Omega-3s than Chicken, and almost 2x more than Atlantic Cod and Tilapia.

Rockfish has 50x more Vitamin D than ground beef, 30x more than chicken, and 4.2x more than Atlantic cod.

Rockfish has 6x more Vitamin E than turkey, 1.5x more than chicken, and 2x more than ground beef.

Rockfish has 4x more Selenium than Chicken, beef, and farmed salmon. It also has 2x more Selenium than Atlantic cod and wild salmon.

Our Pacific rockfish is packed with lean protein with next to zero saturated fat. Even better, rockfish contains ⅓ the calories per gram compared to ground lean beef. You would be hard pressed to find a better protein-to-calorie ratio.

In fact, 100g of Pacific rockfish contains only 90 calories, of which 82% are derived directly from protein! Compare that to the 332 calories per 100g of ground beef, 186 calories per 100g of chicken, and 119 calories per 100g of lean turkey breast.

OneForNeptune’s Sea Jerky is not just high in protein, one packet contains 100% of the broadly accepted daily recommendation for healthy Omega-3 fatty acids as well (250-500mg). In 100g of Pacific rockfish, there is up to 350 mg of Omega-3. That’s DOUBLE the amount found in Atlantic cod, 4x the amount in Tilapia, 12x chicken, and 30-100x that of beef!

Omega-3 fatty acids are well-known to be great for improving your heart health and preventing heart disease. It’s been shown to lower elevated triglyceride levels – which has been shown to decrease your risk for heart disease. 

Experts also recommend eating whole food/real seafood rather than supplements to get your Omega-3 intake. Studies suggest that Omega-3s from whole food sources were better absorbed into our bodies than Omega-3s from supplements.

There have also been studies showing Omega-3s can help with joint pain and rheumatoid arthritis, depression, vision loss, as well as infant health & neurodevelopment. Some studies also cite a reduced risk in cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia, as well as a reduced risk of cancer, with higher Omega-3 intake.

A recent study also found that children who reported eating fish weekly scored 4.8 points higher on IQ exams as compared to those who didn’t.

Along with Omega-3s, our jerky is also packed with Vitamin D & E.

Vitamin D & E are proven to be vital for skin and bone development and to help build a stronger immune system. Along with getting a healthier body, these vitamins can also help improve brain function and cognitive performance. 

Needless to say, OneForNeptune’s Sea Jerky makes a super-snack for body-hacking and overall health.

Our Pacific rockfish is also a great source of Selenium. In fact, rockfish has more Selenium than almost any other animal protein.

Selenium is an antioxidant that helps prevent coronary heart disease, fights inflammation, and increases blood flow.

Some recent studies also that suggest Selenium may reduce the likelihood of certain cancers, These studies are so far inconclusive but this remains an exciting, growing area of research.

And let’s not forget that rockfish, as mentioned, contains almost zero saturated fat. All hail the mighty, heart-healthy rockfish!

We took extreme care in selecting every ingredient in OneForNeptune’s Sea Jerky. All of our products are non-GMO, gluten-free, and nitrate/preservative free making it the perfect snack for anyone on a ketogenic diet or paleo lifestyle. For those avoiding meat, now you can eat jerky while maintaining a Pescatarian diet.

We also made sure that our products are kosher, free of dairy, nut free so as many people as possible can enjoy it!

Sustainability is why we embarked on this journey and it is at the core of our mission, vision, and future. All of the fish we source are 100% U.S. wild-caught Pacific rockfish. We make sure that every single fish comes from a sustainably managed, MSC certified fishery and that the species and gear types are “Best Choice” Green Listed by the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Program. We have made efforts to align ourselves with a network of hardworking, dependable, small-scale fishers who buy into OneForNeptune’s driving mission.

We believe that it is critically important that you know all about the fish you’re buying, as well as where and by whom  it was caught. With our “Find My Fish” platform, you can scan the QR code found on the back of each OneForNeptune package, where you will find all of this information and learn more about the global seafood trade.

Paying homage to the Vikings who sailed to distant lands with dried fish in their Longboats, our Original flavor blends smoky sea salt with cracked pepper and gin-soaked juniper berries, leaving your mouth watering for more. Created in our founder’s kitchen in, New Mexico, OneForNeptune started with a dream and countless hours of trial and error.  Excited for new adventures and flavors ahead, Norse Smoke will forever be our foundation in creating a bluer future for our oceans.

Our fiery blend of Cajun spices invigorates the taste buds of adventure seekers on the trail, cliff face, open water.  Inspired by Creole chefs from the Louisiana Bayou, who have a long lasting tradition of bold, rich dishes, or spice combinations of cayenne, paprika, garlic, thyme, salt, and peppers are truly something special. This mouthwatering blend will get you hooked. Don’t forget to share!

Balancing zesty lemon, smooth honey, and crisp, refreshing ginger, our HLG flavor will elicit an involuntary “mmmmMmmm” as the blend of sweet and savory hits your palette. This one is a favorite of snackers young and old and is an excellent compliment to a cheese plate or packed lunch on a spring picnic or afternoon sail.

*Please note that these figures may shift slightly as we go into full production, but the ingredient lists will not change

One For Neptune was founded by Nick Mendoza, a marine scientist and aquaculture researcher, recently recognized on the Global Aquaculture Alliance’s 30 under 30 list of leaders “making waves” in the global seafood industry.

Most people don’t know that about 90% of the U.S. seafood supply is imported and less than 2% of global seafood can be traced back to a fisher or fishing community. Unfortunately, this means that the source of a lot of fish is unknown or, worse, intentionally mislabelled. In fact, as much as 68% of seafood sold in the US is mislabeled. This is a problem because if we do not know where our fish is coming from, we have no idea whether we are supporting fair, ethical fisheries or sustainable fishing practices. Luckily, we can all be a part of the solution.

The seas have a tremendous capacity to produce healthy, sustainable food. If properly managed, they support life and human livelihoods around the planet. This is food that can even be produced without the use of freshwater or agricultural products, in the case of responsible, wild-caught seafood. At the same time, about 80-90% of Americans do not meet dietary recommendations for seafood consumption. We at OneForNeptune want to change that and make it easier for you to enjoy the best that the ocean has to offer.

We are embarking on this journey to change the perception of seafood in this country and make it easy and delicious for people to enjoy the amazing benefits of seafood anywhere they go. Not only can you feel good about the nutrition of what you’re putting into your body, you can feel good about the impact you’re having on our planet.

When you choose OneForNeptune, you are supporting U.S. jobs while taking care of Mother ocean, one bite at a time.

The ocean is our most valuable resource. We want to use food as part of the solution for our Blue Planet. Together, we can keep our oceans vibrant and pass on their bounty to future generations.

Nick wishes he’d been born with gills but does his best to live a seafaring existence without ‘em. Claiming both San Diego, CA and his family ranch in the Gila Wilderness of New Mexico as home, he was raised with an innate respect for land & sea, their preservation being of the utmost importance. Before taking the helm at OneForNeptune, Nick worked in sustainable aquaculture research and marine science in eight countries, which included tagging sharks and tuna at sea, and several trans-Pacific sailing voyages. Deep in Nick’s heart, you’ll find a commitment to sustainable seas, healthier, more delicious food, and disruptive change, which are guiding tenets of OneForNeptune. When he’s not in the Captain’s quarters, you’ll find Nick deep underwater chasing fish and abalone or off-trail in the backcountry of New Mexico (depending on whether it’s a surf or turf time of the year).

James is an Englishman by heart and avid adventurer. Sailing since an early age he developed a fondness for the open waters of the seas. Before James celebrated his 20th birthday, he successfully established, developed, and sold his first business.  His desire for more pushed him to pursue his studies at the University of Loughborough. In 2010 he set up a luxury eCommerce company which has allowed him to travel extensively, picking up the important marketing, negotiation, buying, selling, and operational skills required for business. James is a foodie with a passion for travel. He loves efficiency and smooth operations. In his downtime, he’s often found very close to or on the water.

Financial, legal, and contract expert. After studying Economics at Stanford University, Garrett went to work a for a Southern California based commercial real estate corporation, rising to become CFO of the $640M company in four years. He moved on from this role in hopes of generating greater social and environmental impact through his work and found OneForNeptune. Hailing from the Palos Verdes Peninsula, a Los Angeles coastal suburb, Garrett developed a love for the sea inspecting the tide pools of Abalone Cove and making his fondest memories on the sunny, sandy, Southern California beaches with his family.

We love the ocean. We love diving its depths, surfing its waves, admiring its perfect creatures, and pondering its countless mysteries. The ocean is our greatest resource, and we want to be a part of the solution. Join us – so future generations have the opportunity to enjoy all that the ocean has to offer.

Since starting OneForNeptune, we have grown leaps and bounds.  We’ve brainstormed, we’ve researched, we’ve pitched, and even won an internationally acclaimed prize. We have the right team and the pieces in place to make our dream a reality, but we need your help.

With your support, OneForNeptune can begin production to launch our first three flavors. Any additional funds will be used to grow our partnerships with small-scale fishermen and to further our educational outreach so everyone can be a part of our mission. Join our crew and you will be the very first to receive our jerky and the many other treasures we have to offer.  You can help us accomplish our goals so together we can be a part of a healthy, sustainable, and delicious future, for you, me, and the sea.

Q: Is Sea Jerky gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, non-GMO?

A: Yes! Our Sea Jerky is gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, non-GMO, gluten-free, Kosher, nitrate/nitrite-free, and free of artificial preservatives. The allergens that our products do contain soy and fish.

Q: How do I select the flavor I want to purchase?

A: After you purchase your Sea Jerky, you will receive an email survey that will let you choose the jerky flavors you will receive.

Q: Will OneForNeptune ship internationally?

A: We will be shipping to Canada, as well as across the US.

Q: When will my jerky be delivered?

A: Our goal is to have your jerky delivered in November, and we will be sure to send you updates along the way!

Q: Do you have a guarantee/warranty?

A: Satisfaction Guaranteed! We are so confident you’ll love our product that we will send you a full refund if you are not satisfied.

Q: Is OneForNeptune Sea Jerky organic? What ingredients do you use?

A: While we use organic ingredients, truly wild-caught fish cannot be certified as organic. However, all of our fish is wild-caught in the waters of the pristine US West Coast and is 100% traceable to “Best Choice” fisheries. The ingredient lists for all three of our flavors are viewable on the Kickstarter page.

Q: How can OneForNeptune fish jerky not taste fishy?

A: We spent countless hours developing our unique recipe and spice blends to bring out the best qualities in the high-quality rockfish we use, while emphasizing rich, bold flavors that were created in our home kitchen and alongside some of the best food scientists.

Q: How does “Find My Fish” work?

A: Using your smartphone, you can scan the QR code on the back of every packet by opening your iPhone camera or QR reader. A link to our “Find My Fish” page will appear, where you can enter your unique batch number to learn about the fish, fisher, and fishery where we sourced your product. Full transparency and traceability to the source, supported by FishTrax.

Q: Can I buy Sea Jerky online now?  Where can I buy Sea Jerky?

A: Currently, our Sea Jerky is exclusively sold on Kickstarter!  We are currently working on getting our jerkies to a store near you

Q: Is OFN’s jerky made in America?

A: Yes, our fish is caught by American fishers, filleted, and manufactured by American hands in the Pacific Northwest. Every step of our production utilizes American workers.