How to Create a Live Show on YouTube #SocialMediaMarketing [Video]

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Scout mascot for Social Media ExaminerWondering what you need to stream a live video show?

Looking for tips on working with the hardware and software?

To explore what you need to create a live show on YouTube, I interview Dusty Porter.

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The Social Media Marketing podcast is designed to help busy marketers, business owners, and creators discover what works with social media marketing.

In this episode, I interview Dusty Porter, a video …

How to Create a Live Show on YouTube featuring insights from Dusty Porter on the Social Media Marketing Podcast.

Dusty Porter’s YouTube channel features an image of Dusty from the shoulders up and his name. In a blue rounded rectangle, the text “Making Technology Easy” appears in white text. The channel cover photo also shares his video posting schedule. The cover video is How to Use OBS Studio to Live Stream.

Search YouTube for “how to start a live stream youtube” and the top search results show two videos by Dusty Porter.

The TubeBuddy Live show includes live streams hosted by Dusty Porter as well as other live streaming experts.

YouTube’s notification icon looks like a bell and appears on the far right of a row of icons that include a magnifying glass, a video camera, a grid, and an arrow in a speech bubble. When you subscribe to a channel, the notification icon turns from gray to red and lets you know when the channel posts a new video.

Dusty Porter uses an Elgato Stream Deck to change from one screen to the next during his live stream. The Elgato Stream Deck website has a bright blue background, and the Stream Deck appears on the right. It has 15 buttons, and tiny icons illustrate customizing the buttons with a little image that helps you remember what you programmed the button to do.

Dusty Porter transitions to a screencast that shows him in the lower left corner and a larger image of his computer screen, which shows the TubeBuddy YouTube channel page.

The OBS Studio Settings dialog box has options on the Video tab for setting your base resolution and you our output resolution. The box also has options for a downscale filter and FPS, or frames per second.

Dusty Porter recommends upgrading to a USB microphone like the Blue Yeti. On the Blue sales page for the Yeti microphone, an image of a chrome mic on a stand appears against a dark gray background. The price is listed as $129.00.

The OBS Studio Settings dialog box has options on the Audio tab for setting your audio source. You want to make sure your audio source is your chosen microphone and not your built-in computer or camera mic.

Dusty Porter begins a live stream by asking a question viewers can answer in the comments. In this example, Dusty appears on the left side of the live stream talking into the microphone in his studio. The right side of the live stream are top chat comments. The YouTube interface also displays real-time comments when you replay the live stream.

Dusty Porter shows a podcasting-related screen he’s prepared as he transitions from his live stream introduction to the topic of starting a podcast.

Easil templates from Instagram Stories or Instagram TV allow you to create professional images. Example templates, which you can customize, include the title 5 Cozy Cabins to Rent This Winter over a photo of a cabin, the title What Our Customers Say with a headshot in a circle and a customer quote on a white background, and the title New on the Blog with a food photo and blog post title below the photo.

Discover how to use OBS live-streaming software to produce quality audio and video. Find tips for appearing on-camera and creating a structure for your YouTube show.