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gmail sync for Infusionsoft

gmail sync for Infusionsoft

[UPDATE -May 2019 – the Gmail sync sidebar for Infusionsoft has been discontinued due to changes within Gmail. As of May 2019 there is a way to directly sync your Gmail (and Outlook) emails with Infusionsoft. So that emails too and from contacts that you send personally get recorded in the contacts email history. So unfortunately we have lost the Gmail sidebar where we used to be able to view and manage Infusionsoft contacts from within Gmail. But at least we can record a complete email history against the contact record.

I just created this shot video on how to set this up for your Infusionsoft users.] 


[UPDATE – early in 2017 Infusionsoft launched the Infusionsoft Sidebar app. This replaces the old Gmail sync app and does away with many of the issues when setting up. I would suggest using this new app now. But for now I leave the instructions to the old Gmail Sync for reference.]

Being able to sync your emails with the Gmail Sync for Infusionsoft app. is a feature that can save you a great deal of time.

If you use Gmail then we have a Chrome extension – Gmail Sync for Infusionsoft which achieves this for us. But there are a few technical hurdles to overcome and it is best to be forewarned to avoid much frustration and wasted time.

Firstly, Jessica Mayes has produced a great set of instructions, link at bottom of post. I followed these to the letter – to the point where I have to put in my Gmail log in details. And that was the point where I got stuck and extremely frustrated. I mistakenly believed the issue was an Infusionsoft fault.

I was unable to enter my Gmail log in details and got a message to say the the Infusionsoft plug in was not secure. At this point I spent a few weeks getting frustrated believing the issue was an Infusionsoft bug. But that was not the case.

Then on a completely separate occasion I was integrating ScheduleOnce with my Gmail and had the same issue. It was then that the penny dropped and the smoke cleared.

So what I have now learnt. Google is rather picky when it comes to third party apps if it does not meet their exacting security standards. So BY DEFAULT it will decline such apps from working for you and tell you they are unsecure. The solution, you have to dig about in the Google security settings to disable the setting that only enables highly secure apps from working. If you have an administrator on the Google account (ie Google Apps for Business) then it could be a bit trickier still as the Admin has to enable the users to be able to deactivate the security settings. On top of that if you are using the 2 step authentication to Google Apps, where it sends you a text every time to connect a new app to your account and also every 30 days a new text, again this will prevent apps from working.

So if you are working with clients who report the Gmail sync not syncing emails every 30 minutes and they cannot add their Gmail log in details in the Settings Section of the Gmail Sync then this is probably the issue.

They key is to be aware of the really fiddly Google security settings that have to be tweaked in order for some apps to work. I have just gone through the process which is really confusing and I now cannot recall exactly what I did as Google made it so difficult to switch these settings.