Met Office Amber heatwave alert warns people not to go outside #Marketing [Video]

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Thousands of sun-seekers defy Met Office’s stark warnings to stay indoors and keep their windows shut on year’s hottest day as the ‘Mediterranean Melt’ sends temperatures soaring towards 101F

  • An amber warning is being issued by the Met Office telling Britons to stay out of the sun and help the elderly
  • Advice includes closing windows and …

Stay out of the sun? No chance. Britons flock to the nation's beaches today to soak up the sun. Pictured: Chichester, England

Esther and Daisy the dog enjoy paddle boarding across calm seas at Lyme Regis in Dorset while the sun bakes Britain

Meanwhile in London: Green spaces were packed at lunch time as people working and living in the city attempted to make the most of  the sunshine. Pictured: London's Regent's Park

Amber warning: Britons are being advised to stay out of the sunshine washing over from Spain which has been dubbed the 'Mediterranean melt'

It's officially the hottest day of 2018: The Met Office has confirmed the year's hottest temperature was recorded in Suffolk

School's out for summer: Glorious weather came in the first week of the school holidays for children in England

The heatwave continues as temperatures rise on a scorching hot and sunny day at Bournemouth beaches with blue skies and unbroken sunshine

A couple shelter in the shade of a beach hut on West Wittering Beach during hot weather on the first day of the Summer school holidays

Hundreds of sunseekers flock to the beach at Lyme Regis in Dorset as the heatwave continues into Monday. All week long temperatures will rise, forecasters say

West Wittering Beach was packed with families celebrating the sunshine in the school summer holidays as Britain baked. This year is around 10C hotter than average

Holidaymaker Katie House lifts son Edward into the air on the beach at Lyme Regis in Dorset as they take advantage of the sunshine

Commuters in London were baking in the sunshine before they reached the office on Monday morning as the sunshine rose in a cloudless sky

Sunseekers head to the seaside to soak up the sun at Bournemouth beaches early on Monday. But anyone heading into the office is also being told to slap on the sun screen

How will that work? Social media users asked how it was possible they will be able to stay out of the sun during the hottest hours of the day. Others said they plan to ignore the advice

Commuters attempted to keep cool on the Tube this morning as temperatures soared to around 33C at 9am on Monday

Early on Monday Londoners were already shedding clothes on Primrose Hill as the day started off extremely hot

Beachgoers lie in the sun on West Wittering Beach during hot weather on the first day of the Summer school holidays

Dumped Love Island contestants Rosie Williams and Ellie Brown took advantage of the hot weather to enjoy rollercoasters and ice cream on the beach at Thorpe Park Resort

Hyde Park sunbathers also enjoyed a drink in London, as the hot weather continues across the country on Monday

Wine in the sunshine! Women took to the water in Christchurch Meadows, Oxford, to enjoy the scorching summer weather

These are the dramatic pictures that show a huge plume of thick black smoke that was visible for miles after a fire broke out at a farm

Mike Hawkins and his wife Marleen de Cleen captured the blaze at Pen Barn Farm at Martinstown, Dorset, from the air when they were flying in their microlight plane

Keeping cool: The Ostriches enjoy the cooling effect of a sprinkler put in their enclosure as the temperatures soared once again as the heatwave got underway at the West Midlands Safari Park near Bewdley in Worcestershire

Chichester: Boys run into the water as they celebrate being off school for six weeks while the sun is set to shine

A dredger is used to remove green algae from the the Grand Union canal at Little Venice in central London since it has been flourishing in the warm weather

A green mile: Green algae covers the Grand Union canal at Little Venice in central London as the sun beats down on the water

Forecasters are predicting record temperatures this week. Ducks are swimming through thick algae in London. Pictured: Algae forming on the lake in Green Park at the front of Buckingham Palace

The 1000ft spring spraying into the air in Cheltenham which can be spotted along the A4019 Tewkesbury Road

A woman takes in the sunshine in Queen's Park

This week Britain is being warned to stay out of the sun as the temperatures verge on creating a 'national emergency'

Monday morning was already hot as people made their way to work - many of whom struggled to sleep the previous evening. The weather on Primrose Hill, London, was being enjoyed early on

London and the south east could sizzle on the hottest day in three years as the mercury looks set to soar as high as 35C. Commuters were fanning themselves and guzzling water this morning

A group of young women walk past deck chairs in St James's Park central London, as the hot weather continues in the capital

Hot commuters on London's Central line, try to cool down on Monday morning while reporting baking temperatures under ground

One woman used a fan connected to her mobile phone to try and keep cool on the underground this morning amid soaring temperatures

Joggers brave the heat for a morning run near the sea at Southsea, Portsmouth, this morning. Adults and children are being urged to stay out of the sun

Sister and brother Olivia, 4, and Santiago, 2, from Portsmouth splash around and cool off in the water this morning near Southsea Pier

A member of The Queen's Guard looks sweltering as he takes part in the Changing the Guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace in London

Lauren Smith (19) from Dublin, enjoying the warm weather in Hyde Park, London, on Monday as the week looks set to be the hottest for a decade

Commuters took to social media to warn the Central Line is baking underground during Britain's summer heatwave

Twitter users said it was too hot on the Underground as London's transport network seemed hotter under the city than it did at street level

Listen to health warnings, commuters have urged, as those using the underground networks in London this morning spoke of the unbearable heat

Londoners joked about how hot it is in the city without air conditioning units at home and in the office as Britain basks in the sunshine

A woman in London claimed it was already 33C in the city at 9am - as temperatures are expected to get hotter as the week continues

The Met Office said  30C on Sunday (pictured cycling in Cambridge) would be followed by 32C on Monday and Tuesday, 34C on Wednesday and 35C possible on Thursday and Friday

A blast of hot air from Spain dubbed the 'Mediterranean melt' will force temperatures above the 86F (30C) mark all the way up until Friday, with temperatures set to peak on Thursday, making the UK hotter than Jamaica. Punting on ther river Cam in Cambridge on Monday got off to a sweltering start

Monika Wojtanowska, aged 29, (left) and Aneta, 26, cool off in the sea as the sizzling weather continues on Bournemouth beach on Sunday

A jogger runs on the burnt dry grass on Wimbledon Common
A woman enjoys an ice cream

Beaches were bursting  yest again Sunday, with a million visitors over the weekend in Cornwall, 375,000 at Brighton across Saturday and Sunday, 250,000 in Blackpool, 200,000 in Bournemouth (pictured) and 200,000 in Great Yarmouth

Temperatures across Europe and North Africa have soared as the heatwave refuses to release its stranglehold

Rodger Hobson said the Beast from the East storms in the spring and the summer heatwave could spell a carrot shortage

A Twitter user showed how dogs can burn their paws on the hot pavement during a heatwave

The Met Office said today's 30C would be followed by 32C on Monday and Tuesday, 34C on Wednesday and 35C possible on Thursday and Friday

The pebble shaped timers (pictured) can help let people know how long they should be washing for. The firm has previously come under fire for the sheer amount of water wasted every day through leaking pipes

The 16-month old cocker spaniel, called Snipe, was a stray rescued in Ireland before he was headhunted to begin his training for the North West water company and sniff out water leaks

Snipe the dog, with (left to right) Luke Jones, Ross Stephenson and Hannah Wardle, in Warrington where it is training to detect underground water leaks by smelling chlorine traces.

The stone wall remains of Mardale Green village have now been revealed

Visitors jostle each other at a pool in Toshimaen amusement park in Tokyo, Japan

Shimmering seas: Millions of bioluminescent plankton glowed blue under the night sky

Natural phenomenon: Bioluminescence is the emission of light by a living organism

Brilliant: The stunning blue glow lit up the waters of Port Talbot, pictured

Disturbed: It is believed the heatwave has caused a spike in the number of sightings

Stunning: Residents admire the stunning cobalt blue glow of the plankton in Port Talbot