One hostage dead in horrifying siege inside a Los Angeles Trader Joe’s #Sales [Video]

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Gunman walks out of LA Trader Joe’s in handcuffs and surrounded by hostages at the end of a terrifying siege which left one person DEAD and started ‘after he shot his grandmother and girlfriend’

  • A suspect being chased by police fled into a Trader Joe’s after firing at officers
  • Police helped customers, employees sneak out of …

Pictured: Mely Corado, the Trader Joe's employee who was killed in the store when the suspect ran in on Saturday afternoon

Pictured: The 28-year-old man who allegedly stormed the supermarket on Saturday and took dozens of hostages. He is seen being treated for a gunshot wound to his left arm, sustained in a shootout with police

The man who held up to 50 people hostage at Trader Joe's and allegedly killed a woman inside surrendered to police in handcuffs on Saturday evening

Pictured: The suspect, who is 28 years old, allegedly shot his grandmother as many as seven times before holding as many as 50 people in a Trader Joe's hostage

Pictured: The suspect (pictured center),  handed himself into police just after 6.30pm after a three-hour siege

Mayor Eric Garcetti said a woman had been shot dead inside the store

Pictured: A young victim is taken away from the store in a wheelchair with a bandage on their knee an

Police swarmed the Trader Joe's in Silverlake on Saturday afternoon after the gunman barricaded himself inside

PIctured: The suspect's car, which he crashed into a street pole before running into the shop

SWAT teams positioned themselves tactically around the shopping center as they tried to help hostages escape

Hostages were seen escaping from a ladder near the front of the store (pictured)

Pictured: A Trader Joe's employee is comforted after escaping the supermarket where the man barricaded himself with hostages

A Trader Joe's cart left by a customer who fled a hostage situation in the store sits in a parking lot nearby

Police used mirrors held through a shot-out window to see where the suspect was positioned

A police officer with a helmet is seen carrying a child away from the store

Pictured: Armed police follow an officer seen helping a child escape

The suspect entered the store after crashing their car outside following a police car chase