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A Video Welcome From Reid Genauer (Assembly of Dust/Strangefolk) You"ll need an HTML5 capable browser to see this content. Play Replay with sound Play withsound Conspire to Smile is an album intended to infuse social media with positive sentiment. It"s also a shared conviction that we can tap...

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A Video Welcome From Reid Genauer (Assembly of Dust/Strangefolk)

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Conspire to Smile is an album intended to infuse social media with positive sentiment. It’s also a shared conviction that we can tap into the reciprocal nature of music and the richness of our community to draw strength & comfort at a time when so many of us desperately need it. The shared lore that binds us is only as strong as the emotional investment we make in it.  Like the US Economy, songs are only as strong as our shared belief in them. Each of us plays a role in the bolstering of that belief, the collective listening, and retelling. By conspiring to smile through music we can simultaneously support one another and shift our shared story towards positivity and possibility. Sentiments are contagious and so too is music.  The album is currently being “assembled” around the country by some two dozen of the finest musicians (and people) I know, including all the current members of Assembly of Dust and Strangefolk. Streaming previews will be released on a rolling basis starting today via Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook and the like. The full album download will be available for free later this spring. (May 1st Target.)

R. Reinhold Genauer R. Reinhold Genauer

I’m Reid, father of three young boys, folk-rock singer in Strangefolk and Assembly of Dust and entrepreneur. In aggregate, I’m the sum of my stories, a curious seeker and a stemwinder of a man. When I get confused both on stage and off, I quite literally listen to the music play.

Music is an attitude and a way of being much like mood. It can manifest itself in small nuanced touch points in your day or in large life-changing shifts in the way you engage the world. Start by being resolute about something small. I envision the age-old ripple effect whereby each of us contributes just a few drops of positive social sentiment and those drops spread out into never-ending concentric circles of broad smiles. Make a resolution first to conspire to make yourself smile and then to touching two people and commit to becoming the good thoughts that follow.

The Folks: The process for making this record is truly collaborative. It brings together the talent, charisma and sweeping spirit of some two dozen musicians. These are people with loud awareness and screaming guitars. People with old souls and ancient Stratocasters. They’re people who by definition go-to-11 and if you’re reading this – so to must you. I have a deep affection and admiration for this collective of musicians, my co-conspirators, my friends, whose imagination and creativity moves me and soothes me. A partial list in alphabetical order : Aaron Maxwell, Adam Terrell, Andy Herrick, Dave Diamond, Elliott Peck, Erik Glockler, Grahame Lesh, Jason Crosby, Jennifer Hartswick, John Leccese, Jon Trafton, Dan, Lebo” Lebowitz, Luke Smith, Marc Friedman, Nate Wilson, Ryan Montbleau, Scott Law, Scott Metzger and more.. – you lay the dust

Thus far we have rough tracks for a collection of 14 songs about love and positivity in the works. 2 Originals (Strangefolk and Assembly of Dust) and a handful of “retold” songs. The idea was not to make a collection of bad covers of good songs but rather strong musical retellings of wonderful ideas. I will continue to divulge the full list as the campaign continues and give you an opportunity to collectively decide on at least one.

“Teaser” Song List: 

  • Conspire To Smile – Strangefolk 
  • Amplified Messiah – Assembly of Dust 
  • Hey Jude – The Beatles 
  • Let Love Rule – Lenny Kravitz 
  • 10 other  “retellings” of well know songs with messages of positivity

Have A Listen To the Title Track “Conspire To Smile” 

This is a partial list of the rewards that come with Conspire To Smile. I created “Packages” with fun names like “A Great Long Smile” which is an archival release from Strangefolk (1999) and “Conspire to Live” which is an HD concert video of AOD at Terrapin Crossroads.   The basic package is Conspire to Smile the album ($25). The best way to understand each package is to read about the featured reward for which the package is named and then look at the list of rewards it includes.  All of them include the Conspire to Smile Album download. Be sure to check out the full details on the rewards sidebar. Use the Kickstarter native messaging platform if you have questions or shoot me a direct message via my Facebook page.

  • Conspire To Smile Album: 14 songs about positivity to be given away for free online 
  • Live Assembly of Dust – HD Concert Video: Multi-track audio recording and 9 camera shoot of Assembly of Dust at Terrapin Crossroads (2 sets) 
  • Live Strangefolk Record: Mixed/Mastered Archive Strangefolk Record  -The Palladium 11-27-99 (2 Sets)
  • “We Are All Fables” Reid Genauer’s solo acoustic recording: Me singing 12 AOD and Strangefolk songs all but naked with a guitar in hand 
  • “Sandles or a Suit” Reid’s children’s audiobook: a collection of original children’s poems I wrote with downloadable audio recording, lyrics, and illustrations 
  • Your Life Is Song: An original song written about your lifestory.

By way of providing an example of the richness of the rewards beyond the album here is a sample of the Assembly of Dust HD Concert Video

  • 24 Channel multitrack audio mix
  • 19 Songs
  • 9 camera HD video shoot 
  • 2 sets
  • 1 rockin’ HD concert video  looks fantastic on an HDTV!

“Try Not to Become a Person of Success. Rather Become a Person of Value.” -ALBERT EINSTEIN

Albert Albert

This project is a call for leaders. My bet is even if it’s not the first word you would use to describe yourself you are more a leader than not. As you assess if you want to be a part of Conspire to Smile think back to Einstein’s words – about being a person of value. Or Hunter’s quiet wisdom in suggesting we focus on music as a source of calm. This is not a purchase but rather a planting. Its a sowing of the spirit. It’s the orientation of a true north that music affords us. The belief that Rock & Roll can simultaneously deliver the wild freedom of going to 11 and the sense of comfort that comes from belonging to it. Join me in my aspiration to”double bounce” the musical trampoline and in my adventure to personal authenticity and solace. Above all remember “if you get confused to listen to the music play” and Conspire to Smile.

In keeping with Einstein’s quote, I strive to be a “person of value” to contribute, and music is one of the ways that I do so. Those two quotes more or less sum up my inspiration for organizing this Kickstarter. It’s my aim to actualize the notion of being a person of value by using the “true north” of music to help myself and others orient in a time of unusually overwhelming confusion. On a lighter note, music is the minds trampoline and the world is way more fun when you’re bouncing.

Conspire To Smile Conspire To Smile

“A person is but the product of their thoughts. What they think, they become.” –MAHATMA GANDHI 

I think Gandhi was right so I’ve devised two plans.

  • Plan A (Fear): Hide in a bunker in Montana with lots of canned pears and every Grateful Dead bootleg ever recorded.
  • Plan B (Hope): Be a person of value. Make things better through shared music, imagination, and the confidence of community.

As tempting as the bunker is – I’ve opted for Plan B, to become hope  – code name #ConspireToSmile. Be Shockingly Positive! 

All news is by definition bad news.  No one would tune into CNN if the headline read “Sunny in California”.  Its hard to fathom but in fact, everything we depend on from the arc of civilizations to our simple songs are just different kinds of stories made up by people.  Regardless of whether or not you chose to make a financial contribution, commit to paying the idea of Conspire to Smile forward with a savage conviction.  I’m not suggesting a wholesale change in how we think and act.  There are very valid reasons to be bummed out. From the day-to-day grind to global affairs.  That said if we can change the amount of productive thought in our day from 1% to 2% that is 100% increase in positivity.  I ain’t no Einstein but I’m pretty sure that’s a sh*t ton of “freed” energy that can be used for fixing the things in our lives that need attention rather than wallowing in them.

Conspire To Smile is absolutely not a project about money, fame or glory.  Each of the musicians has donated his/her time and talent. Instead, this is a well-intentioned, organized attempt to do something other than wallow.  That said it takes some bread to pull it off. All told we are creating a veritable mountain of digital media and a little bit of merch from contributors all around the country.  It will be used to help us collectively tell a better story.

Strangefolk Strangefolk

While a few of the items may give you mild sticker shock I figured it was a good filter of someones personal intent.  Again this is about a planting of the spirit and not a purchase. That’s how I and my fellow musicians are oriented and it seems to me that’s how the larger group of participants should align as well. My reckoning is that it’s more reasonable to ask a little more of the people who believe in me, in my friends, and fellow musicians. To lean into those who are truly inspired to conspire through the strength of our community rather than ask a casual passerby for a buck just for for the hell of it.  

Break-Even Project Costs: $50K

These are the production costs associated with creating media for the entire ‘Conspire to Smile’ project.

  • Audio Recording: $10K 
  • Video Recording: $10K 
  • Promotion: $10K 
  • Printing & Production: $5K 
  • Staffing, handling, help & logistics $5K 
  • Taxes & room for error (yes this $ money gets taxed)  $10K

That’s the scoop folks.  Thanks in advance for your consideration and enthusiasm

We Are All Fables We Are All Fables

Keep Me Safe. I'll Keep You Wild. Keep Me Safe. I’ll Keep You Wild.

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