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Because of you and Kickstarter, Salt & Wonder became reality when we launched our successfully funded first issue exploring Portugal"s Cuisine. We called it The New Old Lisbon. Originally a personal project, the aim was to create a space for a deeper travel experience and a...

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Because of you and Kickstarter, Salt & Wonder became reality when we launched our successfully funded first issue exploring Portugal’s Cuisine. We called it The New Old Lisbon. Originally a personal project, the aim was to create a space for a deeper travel experience and a playground for developing our passion for stories, design and culture – away from the boundaries of corporate influence or client deadlines. 

We never expected for the project to grow as much as it has. From an idea in our heads, our bookazine was soon on bookshop shelves, coffee tables and in the hands of travel-minded foodies across the globe. Since last summer Salt & Wonder has been continually evolving, people have been curious about our next issue and new projects, and a bigger sense of purpose was born within the team. We are so grateful for all the support and response we’ve got over the past year from all of you… 

…and that’s why we are here again! 

Issue 02: Rising Tides in Reykjavik
Issue 02: Rising Tides in Reykjavik

Much like Portugal, Iceland is experiencing a shift in culture. Triggered by external factors like economic hardship and a surge of tourism, new endeavors, new outlooks, and new flavors of Icelandic life have begun to sprout. 

In the past ten years, Iceland has been a breeding ground for unique  culinary concepts: Turning moonshine into a fancy cocktail mixer, developing the precise climate to grow wasabi in the first location outside Japan, exploring the traditional techniques that bring the taste of dung smoked meat and fish into Michelin star restaurants, and awaking an ancient salt mine by harnessing extreme weather to deliver the purest flavors of salt from the arctic circle to savoring culinary advocates around the globe. 

These stories teach us not only about food, but also about the people, the culture and its shifting attitude. Iceland is not only a playground for the pseudo-adverturer or a content machine for your instagram feed. Nor is it necessarily a place to seek clarity or renewal. That’s why we’re offering a different perspective in Salt & Wonder: to shed light on what we feel the real magic of Iceland is and hopefully guide you to the same experience through our limited print bookazine.

Curious how an idea makes it to print?

Because we know, before you can hold it in your hand, an idea like ours is hard to grasp, we’ve decided to set up an exclusive feed for all of you who are interested in our campaign. 

To give you a glimpse of how we work, we’re going to be sharing some personal insights from our current travels and working sessions where you can follow along for a deeper insight into how we produce the Salt & Wonder: Issue 02. 

Inside the magazine will be interviews from Reykjavik’s most inspiring chefs, feature stories and photo essays covering unique enterprises from the last 10 years, and breathtaking photography from the far reaches of the Icelandic island, plus much more.

Highlights include: Interviews with chefs Kári Þorsteinsson of Dill, Carl Kristian Fredirksen of Nostra, Hrefna Sætran of Fish MRKT, Mattias Gisli of Skál; Innovative concepts and entrepreneurs such as Saltverk, Nordic Wasabi, Bone and Marrow, Gin Himbrimi, and the Reykjavik Food Walk. 

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Plus enriching contributions from up and coming poets, illustrators, photographers and writers from countries all over the globe including Australia, Portugal, Netherlands, New York, Austria, Hawaii, California Switzerland, Germany and England. 

Each page of the magazine will be assembled by this independent creative team with the utmost care and intimacy. We visit every restaurant, interview each of our subjects in person, and take every photo ourselves. Our research is extensive, and our conversations with locals last hours. Our final product presents a profound and thoughtful, genuine, non-biased travel journal founded on an anthropologic approach.

And that’s why we need your help. We are young creatives and we pay for the production of Salt & Wonder out of our own pocket. We do it because we love it, and Salt & Wonder allows us to be students of the world. And that’s worth more than we could ever pay for, but at the end of the day, beautiful print work is expensive.

The expenses of making a magazine are many: from production costs like creating our print run, travel, accommodation and rentals; to the actual cost of paper and ink, and distribution to your favorite bookshop.

Thankfully our small talented team believes in our vision and puts in many hours with no pay to help see that vision through to reality. But, as grateful as we are, we’d also like to offer them something more than satisfaction and their own personal copy of Salt & Wonder.

We are a core team of 3 united by the same belief: we are curious, always hungry for more, rooted in discovery, bounded by places, culture, and on the search for tradition and innovation. 

Right now, we are in Iceland researching and putting everything together to provide you with our take on the Icelandic island. After spending many hours on Skype, we are now in the final phase of production on location in Reykjavik.

Anna Sarcletti – Founder 

Stefanie Fellinger – Creative Directrice

Thomas Rose – Deputy Editor-in-Chief

With Contributions From: Ingrid Hofstra, Chris Coe, Will Szymanski, Anna Jost, Maddy Ritchie, Joanna TurnerHoa Le, Ana Santos, Irina Sterna, Silvano Lieger


Publisher: Anna Sarcletti, +43 650 / 50 19 065,

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