Singletons in China pick their dates based on online shopping baskets #Sales [Video]

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That’s one way to check them out! Singletons in China pick their dates based on what they put in their online SHOPPING BASKETS

  • ‘You are what you buy’ is the approach behind an unusual speed-dating event
  • Organiser says wish lists directly points to a person’s character and hobbies
  • Nine pairs successfully matched at the end of …

The Dating Corner event held in Beijing sees participants picking their dates based on how much they like each other's online shopping list on Taobao, China's largest e-commerce site

On the day, Zhou Yi (pictured) brought with her a 10-metre-long  shopping list, with a whopping 120 items on the country's largest e-commerce site Taobao
Ouyang Feng (pictured), 26, met 23-year-old Zhou Yi at a matchmaking event on July 7 in the capital city

For years, desperate parents gather at 'marriage markets' to look for potential in-laws with an A4 flyer of their children's information such as age, height, weight, education level and income

Traditional speed-dating events in China usually involve participants interviewing each other face to face. However, young people nowadays have a different approach to finding love

Parents promote their children's personal CVs on an umbrella at a marriage market in China. Worried parents often get involved as they believe their children are too busy to find love

Interested parties at the unconventional speed-dating event could ask for each other's contact info or book a conversation with those who were present - but they had to be blindfolded

Organiser He Wenyue (in white) says she finds traditional matchmaking events unacceptable

Zhou Yi (right) brought a 10-metre-long Taobao shopping list to the event

 Participants interview each other during a traditional blind date party in Shanghai in 2011