Student reveals how alcohol causes her to sleep for DAYS at a time #Sales [Video]

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Student, 18, with rare ‘Sleeping Beauty’ syndrome reveals how alcohol can trigger deep slumbers that last for up to three DAYS at a time

  • Hermione Cox-Denning, 18, from Wales, has Kleine-Levin syndrome
  • Has dubbed herself the ‘real life Sleeping Beauty’ and snoozes for days on end
  • Says she’s realised alcohol can trigger an episode of intensive sleeping
  • Wanted to volunteer overseas on gap year …

Hermione Cox-Denning (pictured), 18, from Aberystwyth, Wales was diagnosed with Kleine¿Levin syndrome after she began experiencing extreme fatigue around three years ago

Hermione (pictured) recalls experiencing confusion after her first deep slumber which caused her to sleep for an extensive length of time. Her parents Clare, 54, and Liam, 50 believed her unusual behaviour was caused by the flu

Hermione (Pictured right alongside friend Ffion) began missing school due to her exhaustion causing her to sleep for days at at time

Hermione's (pictured with her father) parents advised her to seek medical opinion after her KLS episodes increased. A doctor claimed her change in sleeping pattern was caused by depression and mental health issues

Hermione (pictured) began researching sleep disorders as she believed her extreme fatigue was related to something physical

Hermione's (pictured) suspicions that she was experiencing KLS was confirmed after speaking to a specialist neurologist at West Wales General Hospital in 2018

Hermione (pictured) who is now on a gap year after completing her A-Levels revealed she is concerned to learn that there are very few treatments available for her sleep disorder

Hermione (pictured) has begun limiting her alcohol consumption as she believes it could be a trigger of her KLS episodes

Hermione (pictured middle alongside friends Seren and Laura) says she's worried about how the rare condition KLS may affect her future. She is now trying to manage the illness with completing work placements and applying to university