The story of Seedlip – the non alcoholic 'gin' that's set to sell out #Marketing [Video]

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The story of Seedlip – the non alcoholic ‘gin’ that’s set to sell a million (but is it REALLY worth £28 a bottle?)

  • Voguish with a splash of the exotic, you will be reluctant to put them in the bin
  • Instead, you might like to display them on a mantelpiece as an arty talking point
  • And …
Seedlip is the ‘world’s first distilled, sugar and additive-free non-alcoholic spirit’ made with herbs and botanicals as well as spices

Seedlip's founder, Ben Branson (pictured) bought an old copper still and started experimenting, inspired by a 1651 book called The Art Of Distillation

It took Ben six months to come up with something distinctive, something that might be confused with a premium gin