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We are launching the Studio Bag and the Folio for creatives to carry and showcase their work. The Studio Bag and Folio can be used separately or together as the perfect presentation combo.  Why present fantastic work in a terrible portfolio? Traditional portfolios look bad, damage easily...

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We are launching the Studio Bag and the Folio for creatives to carry and showcase their work. The Studio Bag and Folio can be used separately or together as the perfect presentation combo. 

Why present fantastic work in a terrible portfolio? Traditional portfolios look bad, damage easily and are expensive to replace. Creatives are taught to be self-critical and strive for perfection, but the options to present work fail to match the time and effort invested in it.

We surveyed creative students and professionals extensively to understand their issues with presenting and carrying their work. 

Combining new designs with amazing materials, we realised the solution involved splitting the portfolio into two products.

Stop wasting money on cheap portfolios that fail. The Studio Bag and Folio Combo offers incredible long-term value at half the price.

Your go-to bag for large format studio essentials. Paper pads, cutting mats, big drawings and your laptop. Carry it all.

Each Studio Bag comes with tote bag style shoulder straps and a secondary grab handle for support. Never experience discomfort carrying your work again. 

Our fabrics are waterproof, tough and extremely hard-wearing. Perfect for the creative on the move. Rain or shine.  

Studio Bags are fully padded and lined with superior quality twill fabric.

Carrying handles are premium-grade nylon webbing with reinforced stitching.

 The bag is built to last with sturdy YKK zips and a robust canvas exterior.

Folios have compartments for 50 sheets of paper, secondary pockets for journals and even a nifty little slot to keep your business cards.

The string tie closure easily adjusts whether you’re carrying just a few sheets or 50.

The Folio has a perfectly positioned grab handle to carry the heaviest portfolios comfortably and securely. 

 The Folio maintains a slim and pristine profile.

Fastens with adjustable, powder-coated metal buckles.

The Folio maintains a modern silhouette, whether closed or laid open. 

 The string tie closure is a functional and unique way to secure drawings.

The padded Studio Bag keeps the Folio pristine and helps you make a fantastic impression every time you present your work. The Studio Bag and Folio are the perfect presentation combo.

Use the Studio Bag for every day studio essentials. 

Use the Folio for your important interviews, design crits and submissions. Ace your first impression!

Architects, illustrators, photographers, graphic designers, fashion designers, the Studio Bag and Folio combo complements every creative’s practice.

We will ship to you from our UK distribution centre using our globally renowned shipping partner. The service is fast, efficient and insured.

Shipping rates to the UK, US and all EU countries include all import duty and taxes – no extra charges.

Shipments to all other countries may incur import duty or tax payable on arrival. The amount may vary by country, dependent on the local import policy. 

All shipping will be charged after the campaign in the post-campaign survey.

The shipping rates above are estimates, final shipping charges will be included in the post-campaign survey. 

Song Eng (left) and Adam Atkinson (right) Song Eng (left) and Adam Atkinson (right)

Song: Having trained as an architect in the UK for the last 7 years, I realised that creatives needed a better solution for carrying and presenting their work.

The decisive moment was a final year graduate school submission. Every student had put great care into their work only to present in portfolios that failed to do the work justice. It was like serving haute cuisine on a paper plate.

In February 2017, I set out to design something that would be modern, durable and comfortable to carry. I entered the ‘Big Idea Challenge’, a competition organised by London Metropolitan University and won the ‘Creative’ category with the designs. The university saw the potential of the idea and granted me a Graduate Entrepreneur Visa to carry this out.

In the following months, I continued to validate the idea, surveying over 1,000 creative students. These conversations and feedback sessions were invaluable.

However, I knew that I would need a partner to take the quality of the product to the next level. Enter Adam.

Adam: I have 25 years’ experience at the creative end of the bag industry. Prior to this, during six years in design education, I used a portfolio every day.

When Song explained the Newport Works concept, and I realised portfolio design hadn’t moved on in quarter of a century, I was on-board immediately.

I’ve spent my career helping global brands like Nike and Puma and start-ups like Millican and Langly turn great ideas into winning product. My experience covers the entire product creation process – design, product development, sourcing and production – and extends into brand marketing and project management.

I’m drawing on all my experience in industry and education to ensure Newport Works’ products exceed our backers’ expectations. From materials selection to product construction, finished goods testing to factory audits, every aspect of product and process has been robustly tested. We’re not just launching a new product, we’re raising the bar across the entire portfolio market. Newport Works will be the new standard by which the presentation of creative work is judged.

As soon as the campaign ends becomes production quality and our commitment to our backers. Each Studio Bag and Folio will be made to order once the campaign ends. We are working with a global manufacturing partner with great experience who has supported us throughout this journey. They can handle volume and quality. We’ve set realistic timeline but will endeavour to deliver early, if possible.

We have spent the last year designing, testing and sampling the Studio Bag and Folio. It’s been a wonderful journey, and now we’re ready to push the button and manufacture on a large scale. Only with the help of Kickstarter, and most importantly, our backers, will we finally be able to say goodbye to boring portfolios.

If you have friends, family, colleagues or random strangers who may be interested in our project, please help us spread the word!

If you’re interested in writing about the project, we have a full press pack with high resolution images and animations HERE

Email us at this address if you have further questions:  


James Retief, Season Tse and Marianna Janowicz for photography and art direction. Jamie Edler, Jack Taylor and Matthew Gregorowski for providing their wonderful drawings and illustrations.

JOTO, Jack Self, Cathy Slessor, Alex Ely and Wright & Wright Architects for their feedback and support. London Metropolitan University’s Accelerator and The CASS for their advice and mentorship. Special mention to Arun Thangavel, Nathaniel Dadzie and Simon Boot for being stellar advisers.

Kirsty & Stanley Atkinson for tolerating stressed-out-dad and the ridiculously early starts over the past few months. 

Eden Simpson of Eden & The Aftermath for the technical sound wizardry on the video.

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