Woman reveals the shocking 'toxic femininity' she's experienced at work #Marketing @MondoPlayer [Video]

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The rise of ‘toxic femininity’: Author reveals female colleagues tricked her into making mistakes so she wouldn’t be promoted and told her everyone hated her – and insists other women create the REAL glass ceiling

  • Naomi Joy, 30, of London, experienced toxic female rivalry in PR and marketing
  • Rivals have tried to push her out of …

Naomi Joy, a 30-year-old former PR director from London, says she witnessed and experienced 'toxic femininity' throughout her career

Naomi reveals one female colleague in her thirties once declared everyone in the office 'hated her', while another tricked her into making a mistake so that she would be favourite for a promotion

The Liars by Naomi Joy, published by Aria, is available to buy in paperback and e-book from Amazon

Naomi told how she experienced a sisterhood ceiling throughout her career in PR and marketing

A survey of 1,000 employed British women and found more than half claimed to have been sabotaged at work by another member of the so-called sisterhood, while more than a third (37 per cent) said they'd actually felt scared or threatened by a female colleague. Pictured: stock image

Naomi said she also had the finger of blame pointed at her for her boss' mistake, who admitted she was in the wrong but let her take the rap

Evelyn Cotter, a career coach who founded SEVEN Career Coaching, told me that female clients routinely claim they have been undermined by other women