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digital media marketing free online course govt of Pakistan [Video]
This video is about free short courses in pakistan, digiskill start its 3rd batch for enrollment .Digiskill Course Enrollment Form link virtual university provide this platform for this coursedigital media marketing free online course by...
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Marketing Campaign Manager – Compeat [Video]
The Marketing Campaign Manager will manage and track all targeted lead gen campaigns that are focused on segmenting by customer, product or partner with drive to increase response and engagement rates for new business and cross sells to drive more individual pipeline health. The Campaign Manager...
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Anthony Joshua gets unusually hands-on with Lucozade's £5m Fruit Punch marketing campaign #Marketing @MondoPlayer [Video]
Anthony Joshua, the world heavyweight boxing champion, has put his weight behind the launch of Fruit Punch, a pugilism-themed soft drink from Lucozade, by getting unusually hands-on with the marketing of the product. The British boxing personality hit the streets of Watford, his hometown, to...
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TV Buying Must Go Digital, And Blockchain Can Help: MadHive’s Helfgott – Beet.TV #Sales @MondoPlayer [Video]
The TV ad-buying landscape remains a highly analog business – but, no sooner have digital platforms begun making in-roads to the process, already the newfangled technology of blockchain is staking its claim. After a year or two of talk and theory, now several vendors are out there,...
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You Ask, I Answer: Tracking Multiple File Goals in Google Analytics #Marketing @MondoPlayer [Video]
Igor asks, “What if I want to track specific file downloads as goals in Google Analytics? How do you do that?” Igor’s question is a followup from the April 25, 2019 episode. It’s quite simple to track any individual file download as a goal in Google Analytics by using the...
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Everything You Should Know About Marketing Funnels [Video]
If you’ve run any marketing campaigns before, you’ve likely come across or maybe even used some form of marketing funnels – visual representations of the customer journey. While marketers are becoming more and more interested in them – and for good reasons which...
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Corporate Big Titles II MOGRT – Motion Graphics Templates [Video]
{"app_id":"QPOYR0PGH7","search_key":"0366914d53571424b3c594d0877c13c4","index":"production_products"}production_products {"compressions":[{"id":6,"name":"Animation","slug":"animation","created_at":"2015-04-17 12:22:49","updated_at":"2018-11-12 17:39:01"},{"id":7,"name":"Animation +...
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Ikea’s new campaign is a witty take on the inevitable stresses of shopping #DigitalMarketing #SMM @MondoPlayer [Video]
Ad agency Mother has teamed up with animation duo the Layzell Bros on four short films for Ikea’s new social campaign, We Love the Things You Hate. The humorous, sharp-witted animations bring to life the trials and tribulations of shopping in Ikea stores. From the screams of parents losing...
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