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Emplois en demande au Canada en 2018 [Video]
Emplois en demande au Canada en 2018
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Top 3 Recommended Storytelling Resources for YouTubers [Video]
Top 3 Recommended Storytelling Resources for YouTubers
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Cryptocurrency News [Video]
Cryptocurrency News
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How To Double Up Sales By Implementing Mobile Marketing Strategy In 2018 [Video]
At the end of each year, business owners swot new trends on marketing and plan their mobile advertising campaigns to increase sales. This is the case of those who work in the B2B sector, which is business-to-business. Such marketing includes product sales or services, one company provides...
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Microsoft acquires software development platform GitHub for $7.5B, exodus begins [Video]
Microsoft has confirmed reports that it is acquiring software development platform GitHub. The firm is paying $7.5B in stock … NordVPN Today, we announced an agreement to acquire GitHub, the world’s leading software development platform More than 28 million developers...
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Disney Princesses Assemble in the First Trailer for Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2! [Video]
“Take me to a website that’s super-intense and really nuts!” VANELLOPE NO. Clearly neither Disney’s glitchy princess nor beloved wrecker Ralph have visited the internet before, or they would know how risky it is to make a search query like that. The first trailer...
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SBS launches We All Speak Football campaign ahead of FIFA World Cup [Video]
SBS has launched the We All Speak Football campaign to promote its coverage of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.The cross platform campaign will appear across TV, radio and online ahead of the tournament’s June 14 launch which will see the broadcaster offering FTA, online and multilingual...
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Make a Macro Lens for Your Phonecam from an Old Camera | Make: [Video]
In this video, Chris Notap shows you how quick and easy it is to create a very effective macro lens for your phone camera using little more than the camera lens from an old digital camera (who doesn’t have one of these laying around in a drawer?), a Popsicle stick, and a rubber band. ...
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