In this video I’m going to show you how Desire Paths can transform the way you position your brand. I’ll show you how to fine tune your message and how you can pinpoint your audience.

You will learn:

  • What’s a Desire Path?
  • Why Desire Paths are relevant to Branding and PR using digital marketing.
  • How Desire Paths take the guesswork out of branding.
  • The 3 core elements of your brand.
  • Why your brand may have more target audiences than you think.
  • How your brand can find and attract new target audiences.
  • How you can find and use Desire Paths to grow your brand.
  • 5 ways to overcome obstacles to Reach on social media and search platforms

Watch the video to see how you can use a Desire Path strategy to identify new target markets and substantially grow your brand. Find out how simple automation techniques can help you build a more compelling brand.